Formation pour Inspecteurs Municipaux

The Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition (CGC) is pleased to present its Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition Municipal Inspectors' Course. The course is offered by one of our  qualified trainers.

This training is part of an ongoing market transformation initiative started in 2001 by the CGC and aiming at creating a unified and strong Canadian geoexchange industry. This training is one of the six training modules developed by the CGC as part of its CGC Global Quality GeoExchange™ Program®.

The two-day comprehensive workshop is designed for Municipal Inspectors responsible for building, HVAC, systems or infrastructure, as well as municipal energy and community planning staff, code officials, and developers, architects, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, installers, engineers, plumbers, designers, homeowners, excavators, geologists, contractors involved with HVAC, trenching/drilling, ducting etc., persons involved with environmental issues or sustainable energy, and those who desire a working knowledge of inspection issues around innovative technology. Representatives from public utilities, private utilities, and rural electric cooperatives can also benefit from this training.

Upon successfully passing the examination, you will receive a CGC Training Certificate which will help you assert competence to fully inspect where legally authorized and also offer Municipality residents and customers an increased level of confidence knowing their system is inspected by a trained and informed official who is knowledgeable of Canadian standards, regulations, and geology.

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