Recognizing municipalities actively promoting quality ground source heat pump design and installation

What is GeoCity?


The GeoCity™/GéoCité™ initiative is based on the 4 components of the CGC lobal Quality Geothermal Program:

  • Training of industry professionals:
    • Ground loop installers (residential and commercial)
    • Residential system Installers
    • Residential system designers
    • Commercial system designers
  • Accreditation of industry professionals:
    • Accredited ground loop installers
    • Accredited residential system installers
    • Accredited residential system designers
    • Accredited commercial system designers
  • Certification of residential systems;
  • Registration of commercial systems;

For existing homes, the CGC also strongly encourages the completion of an EnerGuide for Houses audit prior to the installation of a ground source heat pump system to stimulate the implementation of building envelope performance measures leading to a more appropriate sizing of system.

The GeoCity™ initiative has been developed to recognize municipalities which lead and actively promote quality design and installation of geothermal energy (a.k.a. ground source heat pump) systems on their territory.

Municipalities can become GeoCities by adopting by-laws referring directly or indirectly to one or several of the CGC Global Quality Geothermal Program components and by offering incentives to accelerate the adoption of quality ground source heat pump systems by their citizens, developers and business owners. Such incentives can be various forms of tax breaks, cash incentives, financing via local improvement charges, adapted regulation, streamlined permitting process, etc.

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