Training for Installers

The Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition (CGC) is pleased to present its Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition Installers’ Course®. The course is offered by one of our five qualified trainers. 

This training is part of an ongoing market transformation initiative started in 2001 by the CGC and aiming at creating a unified and strong Canadian geoexchange industry. This installers’ training is one of the six training modules developed by the CGC as part of its CGC Global Quality Geo- Exchange™ Program.®

The three-day comprehensive workshop is designed for geoexchange developers, architects, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, installers, engineers, plumbers, designers, homeowners, excavators, geologists, contractors involved with HVAC, trenching/drilling, ducting, sheet metal, persons involved with environmental issues or sustainable energy, and individuals who desire a working knowledge of this innovative technology. Representatives from public utilities, private utilities, and rural electric cooperatives can also benefit from this training.

Upon successfully passing the examination, you will receive a CGC Installers’ Training Certificate which is the pre-requisite to apply for CGC Accreditation for industry professionals. Installer accreditation will help you open new markets and offer your customers an increased level of confidence knowing their system is installed by a qualified installer knowledgeable of Canadian standards, regulations, and geology.

Duration: 3 full days + examination
Price: $945 + Taxes

Target Audience

Individuals who are involved in the installation of geoexchange systems but who will not necessarily be engaged in the design of the system itself. The persons or individuals who should take this course usually belong to a trade or technical profession and are authorized or required by law to perform certain duties on a geoexchange site / project. Depending on the province, this person is a driller, an electrician, a plumber, an HVAC or a refrigeration specialist. In some provinces, the installation of a geoexchange system may require more than one such individual. 

The Coalition also offers the following three courses:
  • Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition Drillers’ Course®
  • Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition Residential Designers’ Course®
  • Canadian GeoExchange™ Coalition Commercial Designers’ Course®
Please note that the Installers’ Course® is a pre-requisite to both the residential and the commercial designers’ courses. Contact the CGC to inquire about what course(s) best fit your needs.



Upon passing the examination with success, the trainee will receive a CGC Training Certificate. The successful trainee can then apply for CGC installer accreditation. In addition to training, installer accreditation also requires the appropriate province/territory where the individual is to perform his/her work as well as field experience and/or the appropriate experienced installer. Please refer to the CGC Accreditation and Certification Program for further details.

Trainig Material

Course material includes an extensive reference manual which reflects Canadian codes, standards and regulations, Canadian geological conditions and temperatures, a copy of the current CSA 448 Standard, 180 + Power Points for in-class training and other relevant documentation.

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