Some Great Things We’ve Done Together in 2018 - !


Dear Friend,

Here’s a little blast of warm energy before the end of the year to summarize what the GeoExchange industry has accomplished in 2018.

First however, please accept our thanks from CGC – directors and staff - for your support this year – in some ways it’s been a great year and in some ways a very tough year, as we’ve climbed and climbed.

Without further ado:


Coop-Student Subsidies Available to GeoExchange Companies

A reminder now that the autumn rush is finished, that you can get up to fifty percent funding for a full-time work co-op student to assist you in 2019.  Students must be registered in an accredited college institute or university in a STEM or business program.  Click here for more.


Changes to the Federal Tax Code for Commercial Systems

In its Fall Economic Statement, the federal government announced that effective immediately GeoExchange, low-temperature district, and other qualifying renewable heat systems will be eligible for a 100% capital cost acceleration – a full tax write down on equipment – in year one.  This is a major boost to CGC, which got GeoExchange added to the federal tax code in 2009. What a great time to assemble a marketing strategy to small and medium-sized commercial clients in your area. Click here for more.


Continuation of Programs in Québec, Nova Scotia, PEI, and New programs in New Brunswick and Alberta 

This speaks for itself – some details are found here.


CGC Accreditation, will soon allow accredited Canadians to be recognized in the US markets. 

As many of you have seen, we have partnered with governments to review and add to CGC training, starting in 2019.  While GSHP technology and best practices haven’t changed significantly in the past decade, the US standards organization ANSI has adopted the core of CSA-C448 - which CGC Accredited Professionals have been trained on since 2007.  This means that in 18-24 months, after some light re-training to confirm knowledge of the ANSI standard, CGC is working so that CGC Accredited Professionals will be comprehensively technically qualified to compete in the United States as well as at home.  CGC Accredited professionals will be uniquely fluent in both standards and continue to be best qualified in N America.  Click here for more.


GeoManager Coming Back

Probably most interesting for industry insiders, at CGC we appreciate your time and therefore are super-happy to announce that we have finally put in place a new and improved automated renewal system.  This is the first step to the full return of a new and improved GeoManager database system many of you have said you miss.

Ta-da!  That was a surprise way to announce that GeoManager – our industry’s largest database - is on the way back and soon.  Not bad?


CGC Opens an Ottawa Office – you asked, we answered

We heard the request from our members and opened (or rather re-opened) an Ottawa desk, as you can see in some of our new communications documents and footers.  

CGC is incorporated federally and launched in 2002 with offices at 66 Slater Street, moving to Montreal in late 2005.  Now, with a presence in the largest French-speaking city in North America, and in the National Capitol Region, CGC presents more formally-federal representation for the industry.


More Big Announcements in Q1 - ?!?

We’ve been thinking about how to provide value to the market and within our small-but-mighty industry.  We’ve been thinking about how to add value to the industry in a way that moves the market forward. We anticipate making a significant announcement in the coming months which will reward CGC Members, CGC Qualified Companies and CGC Accredited professionals.  More to come!


So, as you’ve probably seen from our press releases and some of our communication, it’s been a pretty busy year at CGC. For everyone in the sound of this email, we’d like to repeat something you’ve seen from us before but maybe not always heard:


Shoulder to Shoulder, Facing Forward”


Together.  Because Canadian industry has some of the world’s best knowledge in our technology.  Together with your support for one coherent national direction – asking “what is my best contribution to advancing the overall industry” – we can move more than mountains, we can move markets.

This has been a motto of ours this past year.  Over a year ago we launched two major partnership proposals to answer or satisfy non-GeoExchange associations. We look forward to hearing ideas from you, the contractor, the utility analyst, the policymaker, the regulator, and to seeing you re-join us at this table called GeoExchange, to pitch in and see where we can go in the coming two years. There will be several opportunities to participate and meet in 2019 – see you soon!

Thank you!


 Team CGC


PS.  Did you enjoy the news and these changes?  Have you considered becoming a CGC member, to support progress and innovation in the GeoExchange industry ? Email for a quick link to join, or browse to our home page and click on 'Become a Member' - !

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Some Great Things We’ve Done Together in 2018 - !

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