Installation Questions

Details How to size a geothermal heatpump for residential building?

Details How deep should a loop be?

Details How far apart should trenches and vertical boreholes be spaced?

Details Can someone other than the contractor install the ground loop?

Details Can a homeowner install a geoexchange system?

Details How deep should the vertical borehole be drilled?

Details Are there any concerns with joining sections of underground pipe?

Details How many pipes should be installed in a trench?

Details What spacing is required for the ground loop?

Details Does a geoexchange system use a setback thermostat?

Details Is it possible to make a mistake when installing the ground loop?

Details Is there a concern with poor-quality water in an open-loop system?

Details Can a geoexchange system be added to a fossil fuel furnace?

Details Is a geoexchange system difficult to install?

Details Will a geoexchange loop affect a lawn or landscape?

Details Can a geoexchange system be located in a septic bed to take advantage of the heat?

Details What heat transfer fluids are permitted?

Details Can I install a ground heat exchanger myself?

Details Will trees or plants affect ground temperature or the efficiency of a geoexchange system, of vice-versa?

Details How long does an installation take?

Details What laws apply to open-loop installations?

Details Does the capacity of electrical service need to be increased with the addition of a heat pump?

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