Home Design Considerations


Energy-Efficient Home Design


Your decision to install a GXS in your new home is a major step toward making it one of the most energyefficient homes in the country. But your home is a system, and the GXS is just one part of it. The other home design choices you make will affect how much you pay for your energy, your future energy costs and how comfortable you are in your home. These include the following:

  • the type and level of insulation in its walls, ceilings and floors;
  • the type of windows you choose and the direction they face;
  • how airtight your house is;
  • the ventilation system;
  • the types of appliances and lighting; and
  • the landscaping around your home.

When you make your new home more energy efficient, you also reduce the size and cost of the GXS you need. You can use a smaller, less costly heat pump, earth loop and distribution system.

Location of In-ground Equipment and Services


Make sure there is adequate clearance between the GXS and other in-ground items like swimming pools, wells and septic systems. Allow enough space to manoeuver the chain trencher, backhoe, drill rig or other equipment needed to install the GXS; the work should be done so as to cause as little disturbance as possible to existing pavements, walkways, easements and other rights of access. Pipe locations should be drawn on a site plan to reduce the risk of damage in the future.

The loop should not cross other underground services (gas lines, water mains, sewers, buried telephone and electrical lines); also, you should make sure they are protected from damage and freezing both during installation and after.




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