GeoExchange Systems Design

Details What size of heat pump is required for a given building?

Details Is the geoexchange system designed to provide 100 percent of building heat and water heating?

Details What is an open loop?

Details What is a lake loop or river loop?

Details What is a vertical closed loop?

Details What is a horizontal closed loop?

Details Why is there lack of consensus over the issue of system sizing?

Details What is the difference between a closed loop and an open loop?

Details Is ductwork for air required?

Details Is there any difference between a ground loop and a water loop?

Details What are the options if there is insufficient room for a horizontal loop?

Details What are the components of a geoexchange system?

Details Can a geoexchange system heat a building without supplemental heat?

Details How long should the buried ground loop be?

Details Are there advantages of an open-loop system over a closed-loop system?

Details What is the link between size of heat pump and length of loop?

Details How much power does a geoexchange system consume?

Details Can any pond be used as the heat source?

Details Can a geoexchange system be used for radiant floors or hydronic heat?

Details Where can the ground loop be located?

Details How does heat circulate if the building has no ductwork?

Details How much groundwater does an open-loop system require to operate?

Details If the entering water temperature drops, what is the impact on the geoexchange system?

Details What should be done with discharge water from an open-loop system?

Details Will my existing ductwork function with this system?

Details Will baseboards work to circulate heat?

Details Does a geoexchange system require additional insulation in the building?

Details What will cause a geoexchange system to fail?

Details Why is there supplemental heating?

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