What is GeoExchange: FAQ

The CGC is dedicated to the creation of a competitive, self-sustaining market for geothermal heating and cooling systems (“geoexchange”) in the residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) markets in Canada. In this transformed market, consumers and business owners will be aware of and consider clean, renewable geoexchange technology on par with other kinds of high-end heating and cooling systems.

The FAQs section has been assembled with permission from our members, and the questions are designed to assist Canadians in better understanding geoexchange technology. Please note that the answers are based on the following assumptions:

  • a new residential house of 2,000 ft², located in central Canada
  • a horizontal closed-loop system, using forced air distribution
  • a family of two adults and two children

For questions on commercial / institutional systems, this section assumes:

  • a new commercial building of 20,000 ft², located in central Canada.

Some of these answers would change depending on occupant lifestyle or location.

GeoExchange General Questions GeoExchange General Questions

GeoExchange Concept GeoExchange Concept

GeoExchange Systems Design GeoExchange Systems Design

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