Controls for a GeoExchange System




A thermostat is simply a switch that turns a heat pump on or off according to the temperature level in the house. Most heat pumps installed in Canadian homes provide air conditioning as well as heating; many also have auxiliary heaters, usually electric. There are a number of thermostat models to choose from. They range from simple units that are switched from heating to cooling manually to devices that can be programmed with a variety of settings, and even more sophisticated control systems that allow you to adjust the temperature of your home over the Internet. In addition, there are zone control systems that allow you to heat or cool different areas of your home to different temperatures.

GXS are normally matched much more closely to the heating requirements of your home than conventional heating systems. As noted above, the systems are often slightly undersized and use electric auxiliary heaters on the coldest days. A programmable thermostat may actually use more energy here, because as the system is bringing the temperature of the home up after a set period, the electric auxiliary heater may come on.



Humidity control is an important factor in maintaining comfort in your home. Fresh air brought into your home in winter holds less moisture than the warm air inside. It can thus lower the relative humidity in your home to an uncomfortable level. You may want to consider adding a humidifier.

When you install a humidifier with your GXS, you should choose one that does not need a bypass between the supply and return air ducts.

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