GeoExchange Concept

Details How is heat actually transferred between the ground and the building?

Details How can a geoexchange system heat both air and water?

Details How does the geoexchange system extract heat from frozen soil?

Details Can a geoexchange system be used for anything other than heating and cooling a building?

Details What happens if a geoexchange system tries to extract too much heat from the ground?

Details What makes a geoexchange system different from conventional heating and cooling systems?

Details Do geoexchange systems have outdoor units?

Details Does a geoexchange system require separate ground loops for heating and cooling?

Details Can a geoexchange system work with a diesel generator?

Details What is the difference between a geoexchange and an air-source heat pump?

Details Can geoexchange systems be used in commercial or industrial buildings, or in apartment or school?

Details Can heating and cooling occur simultaneously in the same building?

Details Can a geoexchange system provide heat recovery ventilation (HVR)?

Details Is the compressor in a geoexchange unit the same compressor as in a refrigerator?

Details Is there a national or local standard for the design and installation of a geoexchange system?

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