Business Cases

If you would like more information about the geoexchange business models we've developed for companies, please do not hesitate to contact us for discussion or to schedule a detailed presentation on the advantages of adding geoexchange, and membership in the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition, to your corporate portfolio.



Gas Distribution Utilities

For gas companies looking to transition in part or in whole to a rewable energy services model, geoexchange provides a perfect transition step. For those looking to simply mitigate risk or respond to profitability pressures, geoexchange can provide the same solid, flexible solution that it's been providing certain gas companies in North America for years.

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Energy Providers

Geoexchange best matches an energy services company’s orientation to providing service to clients; geoexchange fits naturally in the corporate toolbox, capturing customers from almost any competition with lower lifecycle costs, and adding greater corporate capabilities than corporate liabilities: geoexchange installation and maintenance can be fully outsourced, allowing your company to focus on its strengths.

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Electricity Distributors

Many electricity distribution companies consider geoexchange a threatening technology, like all renewable energies.  We see the relationship however as a possible alliance: in an uncertain world, where it makes little sense to hold large fixed assets, companies often need to dilute and mitigate risk.  What better way to do so than to leverage already existing competencies in infrastructure and financing and general expertise in the energy markets?

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Electricity Generation Companies

Geoexchange projects naturally capitalize on a generation company’s capabilities in infrastructure development, innovation, and maintenance, leading to a natural entry for generation companies in equipment sales and large-scale project design and installation. While an energy company can enter the geoexchange market in any role, the flexibility of the technology and value chain leave the choice to the company and how it wants to take advantage of strategic fit.

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Latest News

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