GeoConneXion was published by the CGC from 2007 to 2012. Typical production and distribution was about 5000 copies. It was distributed free of charge to municipal, provincial and federal government officials across Canada, universities and colleges, libraries, other associations as well as over 3000 industry professionals. The purpose of the magazine was to raise the profile of the Canadian ground source heat pump industry through the promotion of Canadian products and services. Authors came from academia, industry, commercial clients, students as well as CGC staff. Stories showcased Canadian design and installation expertise. The CGC ceased the production of the magazine in 2012 with the end of the federal ecoENERGY program. You will find here a selection of articles published over that period.




Enhancing Geo-Exchange Projects with Water Heat Recovery

Author: David Morrow, P. Eng., M. Sc.

Sizing Geothermal Heat Pump Systems with Geoperformx Pipes

Author: Jasmin Raymond, P. Geo., Ph.D., Alexandre Léger, P. Eng.,

Geothermal Potential of Abandoned Mines in Canada

Authors: Grasby, S.E., Allen, D.M., Bell, S., Chen, Z., Ferguson, G., Jessop, A., Kelman, M., Ko, M., Majorowicz, J.,Moore, M., Raymond, J, Therrien, R. (2011) Geothermal Energy Resource Potential of Canada, geologicalSurvey of Canada Open File 6914, 301P.

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