Recognizing municipalities actively promoting quality ground source heat pump design and installation

Why should my municipality become a GeoCity?


This initiative is targeted toward Canadian municipalities, large and small, with a focus on those that are concerned with:

  • Quality ground source heat pump installations;
  • Reducing GHG emissions and improving energy efficiency of the houses and buildings on their territory;
  • Preserving the quality of the watershed used for drinking and food processing;
  • The multiplication of pipes, conducts, wires and other infrastructure buried underground and the potential for accidents during excavation; and,
  • Job creation and local economic development.

The CGC offers GeoCities/GéoCités a wide array of complementary services to support their efforts to promote quality ground source heat pump systems on their territory, such as:

  • Technical support:
    • Verification of system parameters (residential system certification)
    • Data collection
    • Validation of savings calculations
    • Reporting
      • Energy and GHG savings
      • Services-localizer mapping
      • Cumulative monitoring
  • Training and continuing education:
    • Training of municipal inspectors, program managers, elected officials, senior managers and local stakeholders
    • Communications of strategic information concerning industry best practices and new technologies
    • Interpretation of provincial regulations, codes and standards.
  • Marketing support:
    • License to use the program logo and trade-mark
    • Communications and public relations support
    • National announcements for first-mover municipalities
    • Unlimited number of copies of A Buyer’s Guide for Residential Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
    • Education material for municipal information bulletin and websites

    What is GeoCity?

    How can I promote GeoCity initiative to my municipality

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