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Facts about the development of CGC’s Global Quality GeoExchange™ Program®


  • From April 1 2005 to March 31 2007, a period of 24 months, a minimum of $ 1,157,349 was invested by CGC and its partners to develop the world’s leading GeoExchange™ quality programme, called the Global Quality GeoExchange™ Program®
  • All funds were invested in Canada and retained in Canada, by national stakeholders
  • The program consists of three sequential parts: Training, Accreditation, and Certification
  • Training courses are only the first step in the larger quality program. The Global Quality GeoExchange™ Program® is the world’s most stringent for GeoExchange™ technology
  • Since January 2007, over 250 professionals have completed the first step of CGC’s Global Quality GeoExchange™ Program®, going through training for installers and / or residential designers
  • Training courses are built to super-cede previously available training and are the product of two years of work from approximately 50 of the industry’s top practitioners and theoreticians
  • Accreditation and Certification is available via CGC in cooperation with its regional partners
  • Accreditation may be revoked at any time and is intended to control the distribution of incentives
  • Governments are invited to incorporate the Global Quality GeoExchange™ Program® in to any regulatory and incentive programmes going forward.





  • Formation of CGC technical committee (23 professionals, Cross-Canada)
  • Summer 05 – RFP Process announced, RFP issued and process completed
  • Sept 05 – RFP won by CSA Learning Centre for First Draft
  • Sept 05 - March 06 – Training materials development


  • Jan - March 06 – Accreditation Framework Developed
  • May - July 06 – National Public Accreditation Consultation
  • Included twelve city tour, to each Province
  • Nov 06 – Installer / RD Training of trainers
  • Nov 06 – Publication of initial accreditation/certification programme
  • Nov 06 – Installer / Residential Design Course finalized
  • Dec 06 – Drillers Course draft completed
  • Dec 06 – Draft training manual revisions completed


  • Jan 07- March 07 – College instructor training, with Assoc of Canadian Community Colleges
  • Feb 07 – First EcoTrust (Quebec) Announcement including GeoExchange™
  • Feb 07 – First Installer Courses offered (Calgary and Montreal)
  • March 07 – First Residential Designer Course
  • April 07 – Driller Course final materials completed
  • June 07 – First major revision of installer / residential designer courses
  • Late Summer 07 – Version 1.1 of installer / Residential Designer training released






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