CGC's website copyright

CGC honours and respects the intellectual property rights of others, and expects our members and other stakeholders to likewise respect our intellectual property rights.

When making submissions to CGC, please remember the rights of others. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right to provide CGC with any material that you submit, and that in doing so you are not violating the rights of others including any patents, copyrights, trade secrets or trademarks. If you are unsure of the originating source of any material you are submitting to CGC, or if you know that another party claims rights in it such as copyright or patent, please notify CGC.

You may contribute to the development of a CGC standard, code or related product through your participation on a CGC committee, advisory council, board, consumer network or similar group, or as an external stakeholder making proposals for revisions to a draft or published document. In making these submissions, you are giving CGC a license (permission) to include any or all of the material you submit into a draft or published CGC document without further notice. You acknowledge that CGC will own all worldwide rights in the documents that it publishes, including drafts that are circulated for review and comment.

As a participant on a CGC committee, advisory council, board, consumer network or similar working group, or as an external stakeholder commenting on a draft or published CGC document, you may receive copies of information in the form of a draft or published document in one or more formats, including electronic or hardcopy.


Please remember that CGC owns copyright in the documents and drafts it produces. You are permitted to use the documents and drafts provided to you for CGC's standards development purposes only. You are not permitted to:
• sell such documents to third parties;
• load such documents into your organisation's electronic systems for general organisational use;
• transfer or share the material with others except to support CGC's development activities.


If you have any questions about your roles and responsibilities regarding rights to CGC standards and similar documents, or if you have other needs to copy, reproduce or store the information, please contact us.

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