Vision and strategies

Our Vision

The CGC is guided by a vision to transform the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market in Canada by:

  1. Expanding the market in Canada for geoexchange products and services;
  2. Facilitating business development in a way that complements the participants' core business;
  3. Promoting the CGC's contribution to the Canadian economy through increased sales revenues, jobs creation, and enhanced export opportunities; and,
  4. Improving environmental performance, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

CGC Strategies

In order to remain faithful to our mission statement, the CGC must implement proactive strategies that address such market barriers as 1) high first cost (i.e. installation costs); 2) market infrastructure, 3) consumer awareness, and 4) consumer confidence.

We address these issues by using a three pronged strategy that involves working on:

Industry infrastructure: We developed a comprehensive national training curriculum that surpasses what is currently required by our members and government. We completed a national consultation tour, where we engaged local stakeholders to comment on certification and standards requirements that should be established to work in the industry in Canada. We are also liaising with European, US and other heat pump bodies to establish a framework for international training and standards harmonisation. Finally, we are working with insurers and banking groups to develop national programmes, tied to training and certification, which deliver a quality installation to residential, commercial and industrial customers across Canada.

Information: We refer consumer inquiries, offers of partnership, government requests, utility requests etc., to our members by geography and area of focus. We provide consumers - from homeowners to large customers such as municipalities, large industry, commercial property managers, etc. - with information on the technology through presentations, webcasts, trade shows, and the CGC website, etc. In the longer term, we are seeking innovative ways to grow the industry by reaching customers on behalf of our members. We also provide information to government and the industry by using member funds to partner on studies in areas such as geoexchange’s environmental impact and industry road-mapping.

Government Relations: CGC is in routine contact with most provincial relevant Ministries (energy, environment and education) in Canada and we participate in the annual Conference of Energy Ministers. We deliver the geoexchange perspective to this influential audience. In addition, we work with ministries and agencies to deliver specific objectives in partnership with their utilities and/or stakeholders.

Our work is focused on building solutions and optimising energy usage, rather than simply selling heat pumps. Geoexchange™ is part of a quality assurance and marketing strategy designed to grow the industry, and unify and level the playing field in Canada.


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