CGC quality training commitment

The CGC courses are about providing quality assurance to the consumer and about describing and delivering industry best practices when designing, installing and/or drilling geoexchange systems. CGC members and partners understand that for the geoexchange industry to continue growing rapidly, consistent high quality of training and system design & installation is a top industry priority.

 Purpose of experts’ accreditation 

It is crucial for the CGC and its partners that field work is performed by well trained professionals. A three day introductory training is not sufficient to be awarded an accreditation. In this regard, simple affiliation or accreditation with other national / international organizations is deemed insufficient in Canada for the CGC Global Quality GeoExchange™ Program®. A CGC trained individual does not receive automatic installer accreditation. CGC accreditation is based on real life experience and verification of permits and licences authorizing an individual to perform professional work on a geoexchange system in the province / territory where the accreditation is delivered. 


To be awarded a CGC accreditation, drillers, installers and residential designers have to prove they received the appropriate training (either CGC courses or recognised equivalencies) and also prove they have a positive field experience backed by customers references and manufacturers / distributors favourable recommendations.  

There has never been and there is currently no other geoexchange accreditation program anywhere that has such diversified and high level training requirements in combination with relevant verified professional experience. Canada is leading the world in this matter

Protecting customers through firm / company qualification 
Firms and companies, whether registered as individuals or sole proprietors, partnerships or corporations are, in the normal course of a business transaction over a geoxechange system, the responsible legal entity that provides the supervision of professional employees or subcontractors, warranties, and quality assurance. They are also expected to carry professional liability insurance as well as a positive business practices record.  Customers want their geoexchange system designed and installed by professionals. They also want quality service, not for a month, not for a year, but for the next 10 and 20 years. Customers are looking for the highest quality service possible.   CGC Qualified firms / companies demonstrate that they stand above the rest. They employ and sub-contract work to CGC Accredited professionals. They demonstrate their commitment to a strong national geoexchange industry by providing customers with quality service. 
Closing the loop – System Certification 
A well trained and accredited workforce, and serious firms and companies, are the backbone of a successful market transformation for the geoexchange industry in Canada. As a final step in this quality approach, the CGC requires that the systems are installed in compliance with the local, regional, provincial and national codes, standards and regulations.

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