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Accreditations & certifications: Program description

The Global Quality GeoExchange Program® is a Canadian-made industry based program developed and designed with the goal of ensuring quality geoexchange installations in Canada. The program responds to requests from consumers, governments, manufacturers, and ethical industry members from all sides, over multiple years, to have a reliable method of ensuring that: 


  • systems deliver the benefits promised,
  • systems are safe, and safely installed,
  • designers and contractors are reliable, competent professionals, and will conduct their business affairs honourably,
  • designers and contractors will implement best practises wherever and whenever possible,
  • systems and the design / installation team comply fully with all relevant laws and regulations, and
  • professionals have a reliable documented method of risk management, which can justify lower insurance premiums.

The CGC is particularly committed to help industry stakeholders who have been ethically involved in this industry for many years and who have made their livelihood in a context where no subsidies were available. People only interested in short term gains and benefits to the detriment of quality installation and highest ethical standard should consider not applying for CGC Accreditation.  


The program is part of a major market transformation initiative led by the CGC which includes training, accreditation of individuals, qualification of firms, and certification of systems. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the industry in the long run by building industry capacity and individual capabilities, promoting best practices and the highest ethical standards in geoexchange designs and installations. 


The program is also designed to be used, at their discretion, by governments (municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal), utilities, financial institutions, insurance companies as a quality reference tool as well as in procurement policies. 


Finally, it should be noted that the program is entirely voluntary and as such, participation should be considered a privilege and not a right. In this regard, the CGC intends to deploy all the means at its disposal to enforce this quality program and will not hesitate to withdraw the accreditation of those who are not committed to the industry standards.

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