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Accreditation and Certification: FAQ

The Certification or CGC Accreditation is not a substitute for customer’s due diligence regarding the drilling, design and installation of the System, including but not limited to contractor review and oversight, reference verification and credit verification. CGC’s program is not in any way a substitute for the moral, contractual and legal responsibilities of the workers involved with the project. The CGC shall not in any way be legally or contractually responsible or liable for any claims, demands, suits and costs, including attorneys fees, arising out of drilling, design and installation of the System or any direct or indirect damage or prejudice caused by it.


Please find below a set of frequently asked questions concerning the CGC Global Quality GeoExchange™ Program®.  If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please send your question to us using the contact form.

For a text and schematic description of the training programmes, individual accreditation, company qualification, and system certification, as well as real-life case examples, please click here.

Details What’s the difference between training, accreditation, qualification and certification? Why all the terms?

Details How is CGC training program different?

Details Why and how have the CGC courses been developed?

Details What was the need to raise the bar in terms of training and accreditation?

Details Can anyone take a CGC course? What prerequisites are there?

Details Why do I need to or why should I take the CGC course in my specialisation?

Details What if I have already taken other installer training?

Details What if I have years of experience or multiple installations in the technology but no formal training?

Details Ok, I want to register and take CGC courses. How do I do that?

Details How does CGC accreditation differs from other programs?

Details Do I have to join the CGC to get accredited or take courses? Will I become a member of CGC automatically at some point in this process?

Details Why should I seek CGC accreditation?

Details I am new to this business. How do I become accredited?

Details What if I have years of experience or multiple installations in the technology but no formal training?

Details I am already accredited by an international organization. Why do I need CGC accreditation?

Details Where can I apply for accreditation, certification, etc?

Details Why is it necessary for a firm to qualify if it employs CGC accredited specialists?

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